RealX provides the digitization, globalization, and virtualization of property rights to drive efficiencies for all.

Luke Glass, CEO

The User Need

The buying and selling of property rights, such as a farmer selling the mineral rights to an oil company, can be daunting for those not experienced in the industry. This makes it difficult to complete transactions that benefit all the parties involved.

The Opportunity

RealX believes everyone benefits from transparency, access to information, and professional representation. They seek to provide accurate data and easy-to-use tools to complete the buying, leasing, and selling of property rights.

The Result

Truefit helped RealX create an online exchange to facilitate the transfer of property rights in a streamlined, efficient, and transparent way. Their vision is to improve industry engagement, competition and civic trust and create an online community for buyers and sellers to connect, close and maximize the value for all parties.

Tags: Energy, Web, Mobile